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We have a name picked

Fri Sep 23 2016

My wife (Still getting used to saying this after a month of being married) and I have been working for a while now on coming up with a name for our vlog.

We've been filming our experiences since we started the process of getting married and moving to Alaska. The goal of this vlog is to remind us of how much joy you can find in everyday life if you are looking for it, and to inspire people along the way. Getting married and making the jump to Alaska when neither of us have ever lived out of the state felt huge, but it is turning out to be the best decision we've ever made.

Today I'm excited to announce that we have a name, and a logo.

Tread Wonder

Two words.

"Wonder" happens within every single person on the planet if we let it. Dani and I are tasked with searching the planet  to find new bits of it in our everyday lives. We are both so excited to finally be getting into sharing some of the experiences we've had together with everyone who has been so supportive in making the transition happen. I'm hoping to have the first episode completely finished by the next time I publish my blog and will be posting the link everywhere including our instagram profile: @treadwonder

The best part:

Since the first episode isn't 100% ready, we thought the least we could do is share our intro sequence with you.