my name's Nic Bovee.

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From the River

I feel more and more like the entrepreneurial life of risk and uncertainty is similar to riding down a windy river in a canoe. You’ll be nervous getting in the boat, unsure of where it will take you, or what troubles might befall you. But no matter where the river takes you, you made the … Continued

Another sleepless night.

It is at my wits end that I bring this exclusive two-paragraph glance into my life to you, nameless reader. I shut my eyes by the dead stench of unfinished projects, unmet deadlines, and disappointment keep me from landing in Nod. Ambitious, my interests ride great stallions diverging from my center going everywhere while leaving … Continued

Fat Cat

I have a love hate relationships with cats. My wife and I own two cats. This little thing is inspired by my love and hate for cats. The Process Not much going on here, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

A professional cameraman’s tips on choosing gear.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time to meet a cameraman working for a local new station. During this fortuitous encounter, I got to ask a few questions about his gear, and tips. Camera choice: Panasonic GH5 While he was fairly adamant about Sony fs5 and fs7 being great for the … Continued

Hydro blast

If you know me, you probably know that I love Hydroflask and use their bottles to keep my thirst quenched and my mind PUMPED. Today’s design is a tribute to my love with a loud retro colors scheme that I hope will punch your eyeballs in a good way.  

Mahlkonig Grinder

For the month of February, I’m uploading a daily design to sharpen my skills. Why? Lately, I’ve been coding ALOT. I love working that part of my brain, but I’ve been missing spending time in illustrator just making stuff. I’ll upload stuff for clients or for personal projects, but the point is I’m forcing myself to ship … Continued

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