What are some values you want to see in your life and business?

Photography by Dani Austin

This is a question I have been asking myself quite a bit in the past few weeks. Lately I have been working really hard to define my business's structure to make it as scalable as possible. This has forced me to take a look at some of my own core values and find out what the things are that get me revved up on a project or with a client. Without hitting on too many details here are some of the things I found:


I thoroughly enjoy working with a team of people who all want to do something great. Getting amped up about a project with a group of people is way more enjoyable than just being a singular person who is excited about it.


This is freedom in my week to go spend time with my hobbies and family, as well as freedom to work on the things that excite me. It isn't always easy to find this freedom in the work that I do, but it is something I want to be intentional about getting.


This is a term coined by Hans Selye, and is best described as a positive response to stress that is healthy. I don't want to spend my days on planet earth constantly stressing out over the things that need to be done. However I also don't want to have no stress at all. It pushes me to do better work. It doesn't let me get off the hook.

There are a lot of methods for discovering these values for your own business, but here are a few questions that can get you started:

What do you remember working on that gave you the most satisfaction?

Name a few more times when you have been truly passionate about what you were working on, then try and find the similarities between them.

What are the underlying themes and similarities you noticed?

What is important to you about those themes?

I will be back on a regular weekly posting schedule, so be sure to check out my blog next Wednesday.

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