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Shipping Art

Mon Sep 07 2020

I'm 6 days into my "Sacred September", and here are a few of the things I'm implementing into my life:

  • 90% Vegan diet
  • Lower than 1% processed sugars diet.
  • Awake before 6.
  • Asleep before 11.
  • Journal every day.
  • Create something every day.
  • Cold showers.
  • Run every morning.
  • Reduced meaningless phone usage.
  • Leave phone behind.

Each one of these has been fairly consistent with a few slip ups here and there. What I'm finding is that in spite of a heavy lack of motivation that I've been feeling for the last 2-3 months. I'm not sure which of the above items is most responsible for these emotional changes I'm feeling but I can say that in my life taking cold showers has been a common thread for me during seasons of positive change. If Steven Pressfield is right, by taking a cold shower every day I stand on the battle field every morning and face the resistance of experiencing the cold water. That iota of victory over the resistance takes a toll on my psychology and reminds me that I have to fight this same resistance in other areas of my life.

As part of my creative output, I have been thinking a lot about this site. Diving back into some Seth Godin, I was reminded of this idea of blogging every day as a way to ship art. I'm not sure blogging every day is in the cards for me as a new dad with a full time job and moonlighting code-slinger, but I do like the idea of getting back into producing something creative on a regular basis. For me that was what my "Sacred September" was all about.

If it's anything like my previous attempts at a regularly scheduled blog creative endeavor, I know that the first one is the easiest. We shall see if I fall victim to the resistance in the future.