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Trading media for time

Fri Sep 16 2016

Today marks three weeks of my Month Minus Media.

On the 25th of August I pledged to unplug from social media for a month.

Since I made this change I've been able to look at my schedule and see 2 hours every day spent doing things that provide value to others. Where I would normally fill in: "watched YouTube", or "looked at Facebook".

I spent on average 14 hours a week minimum on activities as a consumer of media. At this rate by the age of 80 (if I even get to live that long) I would have spent 5 years of my life consuming media online.

Our time SHOULD be the most valuable thing in our lives, but it isn't.

Worldly resources, whether or not they are valuable in monetary form always lose their value when their owner runs out of time. Worldly resources are always available to those who do what needs to be done to acquire them but there is no way to buy more time.

Social Media is special makeup for humans like you and me who want to know we're accepted.

In order to be accepted we create clothing made from only the best parts of our reality. We don them as we casually stroll down the streets of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It gives us a place to see all sorts of people. It helps us find out where (we think) we stand in our hierarchy of life.

Are you in a better position than they are?

Are you in a worse position?

Everyone wants to know where they fit into their world.

At the cost of the only thing in your life that is truly valuable, you can find out too.