The fog evaporated as the sun emerged from the clouds, and in the distance, light could be seen glistening from the blood stained blade. You are the warrior. Today belongs to you.

What makes your company different? Why do those differences matter? Who cares?

Asking these questions and identifying their answers are at the core of marketing. When people see your brand or products, they make a choice. They can buy into your offering, or continue to look elsewhere. The customer’s ability to fit your solution into their idea of a perfect world is correlated directly to how well you can set the scene.


How do you chart the success of your efforts to promote your brand? I believe that tracking numbers is a positively in-imaginative way to track your success. The relationship you have with your customer is in my opinion the best way to watch your customer base grow organically. Making an effort to improve the your customer’s experiences and give them incentives to be happy with you as a company will result in them wanting to share those positive experiences with others.

 Understanding what your extraordinary customer looks like

At this point in time, your company probably has a fair number of satisfied customers. Each of these customers offer key insights on what your average customers like and don’t like. Work on finding out what these customers want. Don’t use surveys that flood their inbox and end up in the trash. Make an effort to build profiles for them when you interact with them. When they work with your customer support, listen and note all of the personal elements of their lives. After collecting the data, focus on the out liars. The people that seem out of place may actually be a tip of a beautiful iceberg waiting for discovery.

 Company Identity

How many of your customers know your mission statement? How many can recognize your offering just because it fits within your mission statement? I don’t care how boring you think your company is. If you believe in what you are doing, your customer should to. The belief starts with an understanding of the simple concept that is your business. The simpler the concept the more likely your customers are to remember it for a long time.