97 Cherokee Sport 4.0 4WD



The Work

Work Done Already:

New Breaks and Rotors

New Tires

Dist Cap & Rotor

Plugs & Wires

Fixed Rear Hatch


Must Fix Before Road Trip:

Replace Clutch Fan Pully Bearing  –Fixed as of 6/7/17

New U joints for front axles. – Fixed as of 6/13/17

New Valve Cover Gasket – Fixed as of 6/13/17

Electrical for Windows and Locks –Fixed as of 6/5/17

Investigate splashed fluid behind passenger rear tire –

Re- attach air reservoir –

Replace driver side door lock –

Replace kick down cable –

Diff fluid replace front and back –

Oil Change –

Transmission fluid and filter –




Gutter-mount Roof Rack – amazon shopping cart has this stuff

Leather Grand Cherokee Seat Mod

HID Light Mod

Hood Vents




Current Projects


Replace Kickdown cable:

Best response I found so far:

1) In engine compartment, disconnect cab;e from throttle linkage. Then compress cable mounting ears and remove cable from the engine bracket.
2) Raise vehicle.
3) Remove transmission oil pan.
4) Disengage cable from throttle valve cam.
5) Remove cable bracket bolt and remove cable and bracket form transmission case.
6) Remove and discard cable seal.

1) Lubricate and install new seal on cable.
2) Insert cable in transmission case.
3) Attach cable to throttle cam.
4) Install cable bracket on case and tighten attaching bolt to 10Nm (7ftlbs) torque.
5) Install pan and tighten pan bolts to 7Nm (65inlbs) torque.
6) Connect cable to engine bracket and throttle linkage.
7) Fill tranmsission with Mopar Dexron/Mercon IIE.
8) Adjust cable as described in cable adjustment procedure.

Adjustment Procedure for the TV Cable:
1) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
2) Remove air cleaner if necessary.
3) Disconnect cable end from attachment stud. Carefully slide cable off stud. Do not pry or pull cable off.
4) Verify that transmission throttle lever is in the fully closed position. Then, be sure lever on throttle body is at curb idle position.
5) Insert a small screwdriver under edge of retaining clip and remove retaining clip.
6) Center cable end on attachment stud to within 1mm (0.039″).
7) Install retaining clip onto cable housing.
8) Check cable adjustment. Verify transmission throttle lever and lever on throttle body move simultaneously.

Source: NAXJA

Helpful pages:

Kickdown replacement


Helpful videos:

Tranny swap

Transmission Teardown


Shopping list


Fix the clutch fan pully bearing: FIXED as of June 8th

There’s a nasty noise from under the hood and after pulling the belt off and giving each pulley a spin it seems to be the one holding the clutch fan. It’s really loose and will more than likely need the whole thing replaced eventually. The bummer is that most of the places online only sell the clutch fan assembly.

Fan Bearing Hub?

Clutch fan pully bearing

Seems like no one has any idea on where or how to replace just the bearing and pulley. It might be easiest to just get one at a junk yard.


UPDATE 6/8/17

I ended up getting the part for $50 at a local Jeep parts store. I bought the whole bracket because the more I looked into it and the more people I spoke with, the more it seemed like the bearing wasn’t going to be easy to replace without a good press. The part’s a pain in the ass to replace thanks to all of the bolts being placed in areas with little to no space for a socket wrench. It ended up being easier to just pull the battery and battery carraiage while I worked, to give me access to the bolts on the underside of the bracket.

Axle Info

D30 on front

D35 on back

Helpful Articles:

How to identify your XJ axle and the original gear ratio

Jeep Cherokee axle guide

Benefit to Dana 44?


Change Diff Fluid

U joints: FIXED as of June 13th

This was a bear of a project. My old u-joints were so bad that they ended up messing up the pinion yoke on the end of the axle. needless to say, I ended up buying a new axle for my passenger side.

Helpful video for removing axle shaft





Tune up

Replace Fuel Filter –Not nessesarry on 97+Cherokee due to the Fuel filter being contained within in he tank. It may be a good idea to replace the pump before hitting the road.


Leaking from valve cover gasket… I think. FIXED as of June 13th

There is oil accumulating on the back side of the engine around the valve cover. It may be something else, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s an issue with the valve cover gasket.