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Why I love Google's new logo (and why I didn't at first)

Fri Sep 04 2015

** Do you love the new logo? Do you hate it?**

On Tuesday morning of this week everyone in the world had a funny looking play button on the google icon when they used it. 

I myself was one of these people. Even though I only click on about 5% of all of the doodles that Google has to offer, I was intrigued by the big blue Play button and had to find out what it all meant. After clicking it and learning that it was their way of announcing a new logo, I thought: "Hmm, I don't like it". To me it just ruined the classic flair that Google. Their old logo was timeless, and even though it went through changes over the year, it was not nearly as grand as this one. Switching to a completely different style of font just seemed wrong and I didn't think it looked like Google. 

As I was thinking about it, it dawned on me. 

Google is a change company.

Sure they are a search engine company too, but the reason people work at Google has way more to do with the idea that a person can be "Googly". The dramatic change in the logo is a reminder of the dramatic changes they make in the world every day.

It also reminds me that like most species in the planet, I'm averse to changes in my environment. The fact that my first response is to figure out what is wrong with it is an incredible reminder that change is happening around us all of the time. While it isn't helpful to jump on board with every change that's happening, I believe that it is important to spend time considering the possibility that the changes you've been writing off are the same changes that could change your life.