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Don't wait... CREATE

Fri Oct 07 2016

You probably don't feel ready.

No one ever is.

Most people wait to "be creative" because they are holding out for the perfect idea, the polished final product, or the right time to come along.  Creative people most of the population refer to as "original" aren't doing it by chance. These are people who got inspired by their heros and made something that they thought their heroes would make. Eventually they discover their own blend of creativity and that's where the magic happens.

Two thoughts:

Accept that you are influenced by others.

Use those influences to mix and create your own thing.

  1. Don't judge it, and let it fly before it's ready.

In this way you give the world the greatest gift: a part of your unique identity and interests.

If you are the type of person who wants to be creative (you are and just don't know it yet), _I strongly encourage you to check out the book [Steal Like an Artist](

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