Nic Bovee

Husband, Father, and Solver of Problems.

Day 5

Wed Aug 31 2016

Day 5 and I've slacked a little on writing posts everyday.

My last post discussed a schedule that I would like to adhere to in order to get into a routine. The day I wrote that was the day I went to pick Dani up at 1am. Needless to say "Wake up at 4:45" became a dream.

I have been keeping up with a regular exercise regimen which has been beneficial. My next step is creating a habit of charting out my day.

I've been reading the book SCRUM which has taught me a ton of interesting info about how people especially teams work together to get things done. I've been using this knowledge to create "sprints" for myself through out the day.


Sprint objective: Write wordpress post that can be read.

Time: 10 minutes

Completed?: Yes.