Nic Bovee

Husband, Father, and Solver of Problems.

Day 5 of the altMBA

Tue Jul 07 2015

I finished my list of dreams 48 hours ago, and it's time for time for me to evaluate whether or not the goals can answer these questions posed by Zig Ziglar:

Can I answer yes to all of these questions about my dream:

Is it my goal or someone else's?

Is it morally right and fair to everyone concerned?

Is it consistent with my other goals?

Can I emotionally commit myself to finish this goal?

Can I see "myself" finishing this goal?

If I can't answer yes to all of those I will put an X next to the Idea.

After processing that info  I will ask the next series of questions and have to answer "yes" to at least one of them.

Will this goal:

Make me happier?

Make me healthier?

Make me more prosperous?

Win more friends?

Give me peace of mind?

Make me more secure?

Improve my relationships with others?

I will put another an "*" next to any of the goals that need to be removed using this questioning.

Here is the list of dreams I am working (Some personal goals have been left out):


  • Get my motorcycle license
  • get a motorcycle
  • Start rock climbing regularly
  • Live in Alaska
  • Get a diving certification
  • Go cliff jumping
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Write a book
  • Post weekly to my blog
  • Start a YouTube channel about something that I am passionate about
  • Take a professional driving course
  • Learn to site read piano
  • Get my small planes pilot's license
  • Get my Network + certification
  • Get my Real Estate Brokerage license
  • Play music in a band
  • Rebuild an engine
  • run a small group for people
  • Own and operate small farm
  • Spend a brief season as a flight attendant
  • Travel to 3 new countries every year
  • Meet with people and help them make positive changes in their life
  • Purchase a real estate property and manage it while paying it off
  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail


  • Spend one meal per week with my family
  • Say one word of encouragement to each family member every week
  • Take one family member out for coffee once every month
  • Host an annual goal setting workshop for my family, and then have planned bi-annually check-ins
  • Go on at least one family camping trip per year
  • Go on a family hike every month
  • Find out when my family member is having a concert or event and show up
  • Write an our of the blue letter for no reason and send give it to them
  • Plan one snowboarding trip for the winter
  • Start a family game night: Possibly on the same night as dinner?
  • Schedule time for one home improvement project
  • Be intentional about being thankful for them at least once a day
  • Go to a concert as a family
  • Find a conference that we could all go to that would empower us to live better lives.


  • Help make improvements for the company I work at
  • Start expanding my side business to other states
  • Develop a valuable process that acts as a way for businesses to take themselves to the next level, and the use the process with the coaches that are apart of the organization
  • Build a team of people who like to work on challenging problems
  • Sell something passively on Amazon
  • Invent a product that I would use regularly
  • Invest in a small company
  • Run a moderately successful website with more than 1000 hits per day
  • Develop a downtown office space and bring in great companies to work together under the same roof
  • Create a business model that people want to steal
  • Buy  a car wash
  • Own real estate that I rent out
  • Develop an App that solves a problem I have regularly
  • Always ship a day early.
  • Pay my employees health insurance and for life building exercises that will help them become stronger people
  • Donate to young entrepreneurs that work for the good of impoverished people
  • Help develop companies into platforms that people would have a difficult time replacing
  • Have a weekly corporate meeting with myself.


  • Go to the gym early in the morning everyday
  • double my weight lifting in a month
  • Run a marathon
  • Take swimming lessons(Yeah I really can't swim very well)
  • Go through Tim Ferris's The Four Hour Body
  • Run 1 mile every morning
  • Do the incline once a week
  • Do more than 100 pushups at a time
  • Get weights and lift every day
  • Take tennis lessons
  • Join Parks and Rec soccer
  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Climb al CO. 14ers
  • Build and keep a 6 pack
  • Consume 2 home cooked healthy meals every day.
  • Expand the flexing diameter of my biceps and forearms by 50%
  • Do a quick morning workout every day I can't make it to the gym
  • Take boxing lessons
  • Race downhill mountain bikes and win a small competition
  • Land a steezy kickflip 95% of the time a try
  • Learn how to do hand stand pushups
  • Land backflips on a trampoline
  • Land a 360 method
  • Lear how to do wheelies on a dirt bike
  • Run the Pike's Peak Hill Climb


  • Smile most of the day
  • Wake up excited for what I'm about to do
  • Read 100 books everyday
  • Improve my typing by 30 WPM bringing my average to 97 WPM
  • Improve my handwriting by learning and implementing a new style
  • Become proficient in CSS/HTML
  • Take drawing classes and draw a self portrait
  • Finish my sketch of Dani
  • Write a song w/ lyrics for the guitar and perform
  • Study american history and become familiar
  • Learn to speak french sufficiently
  • Take an english class in college
  • Read newtons physics and understand basics
  • Learn all scales on guitar
  • learn how to use electric instrument software
  • Remix a Harry Nilson song
  • Multiply two 6 digit numbers in my head in under 2 minutes
  • Take a concealed Carry class and get my permit
  • Finish my network and A + certifications
  • Read Yves recommendation for real estate knowledge
  • Learn C+ and build a basic program
  • Take an Archery Course
  • Get my WFR Cert
  • Take a culinary Course


  • Actively attend and stay involved in a church
  • Tithe every week
  • Go on a mission trip to another country
  • Pray every day
  • Take a prayer hike every month
  • Join an online bible study
  • Take time out of each day to be emotionally thankful for all that I have
  • Give away one belonging every week
  • Write a letter and leave it in the mail room with words of encouragement that people could pick up and be inspired by
  • Give $1000 every year to a new charity
  • Lead a youth group
  • Lead worship 1 or 2 Sundays every month
  • Read the Bible cover to cover


  • Own a car 2006 or newer with 4 wheel drive
  • Increase my monthly income 3 times by December 2015
  • Build a my mutual fund portfolio to $10,000
  • Pay a finance consultant to help me build a financial plan
  • Own a duplex and rent out one half of it
  • Invest in a startup
  • Build an investment portfolio that will allow me to be free to do live giving things throughout the year
  • Own a vacation home in Tuscany
  • Own a coffee shop that I can work in
  • Generate $2000 passively each month
  • Help give my parents a great retirement
  • Build a five year investment plan

I am now working through my original questions on all of these goals and I will come back with another post on my findings