Nic Bovee

Husband, Father, and Solver of Problems.

Day 4 of the altMBA

Sat Jun 20 2015

After the completion of my 4th day and my second project, I am feeling the strangest mixture of both tiredness and energy. I have gotten no more than 5 hours of sleep every night. I've gone to bed at 1 and woken up at 6. The energy I feel with this program has really made me think about the kind of projects and people I'd like to work for when I'm living the way I was made to live. I feel more energy than I have doing anything and I also feel more tired than I ever had. It's like spending every day tossing and turning, too excited to sleep.

I've played around with waking up a three hours before I need to do anything in the past and it was always amazing to see the results. I'm taking this next month and using it as an exploration of what wake me up every day.

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