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Day 1 of the altMBA

Tue Jun 16 2015


It's 6:00 am Monday morning.

Like a little boy ready to open his presents on Christmas morning, I jump out of bed and onto the computer.

I scroll down to my first project: "Project 1: Make good decisions", and begin to read through the material. Without going into too much detail here is what I can conclude about a good decision.

A good decision:

Is a management event and must be treated as such

Ignores Sunk Costs - Sunk Cost is the idea that you have invested to much to move on to something else

Means looking past "How this decision makes me feel now" , and looking forward at how this decision increases the chances that you achieve your goals

Requires a change agent

Needs to be framed... CORRECTLY

Framing is the subconscious list of options that we give ourselves when looking at a decision

Here is a process you can take into your company, personal life, or anywhere you have a decision that needs to be made.

1. List your goals and the outcomes the decision is supposed to produce. Answer the question: What is this for?

2.List every choice that's available to you. Break out of the frame that you created for yourself

3.For each option that you discover, list the things that need to happen in order to make that option happen

4. Read Michelle's post on untangling decisions.

5. Organize your priorities and don't proceed until the constituents agree.

A video from Seth on Decisions