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Thu Jul 23 2015

A brief update


Brainstorming is a simple concept. Pick the topic, set the number of ideas you want to create, and come up with all of them. The hardest ones will be at the end. They will create a place for only thoughts that seem off the wall. 

My team came up with a list of 500 or so ideas, and then we narrowed it down to our 99 favorite.

Blurt the answer and move on without worrying about what people will think about it.

99 Micro Biz Plans (Yolk D, Project 3)

June 21, 2015

Here are 99 micro business plans. We probably came up with a few hundred at least and whittled it down to these. Looking forward to your honest thoughts.

Yolk 1-D Week 1 group members: (these link to each other’s altmba)

Seth Perler, Boulder, CONic Bovee, Colorado Springs, COYves Farges, Vancouver, BC CanadaMarcus Turner, Denver, CO

99 Micro Biz Plans

“IndieEd Network” - A new idea in education. A network connecting homeschoolers, unschoolers, people who are not enrolled in traditional schooling so they can help each other. There is a great need for these folks to get guidance to fill in the gaps with educating their kids. Many do not have education backgrounds and become overwhelmed.Micro schooling - An idea for a new type of school that is community run. A structure for how to implement it, completely nontraditional, creative, free, open. Let the design of these schools be driven by this question: What would be the coolest way in the world to create a school that best empowers learners to make their dent in the universe?Strength school - What if there was a school that was designed to build upon the strengths of the students? What if the teachers were skilled at helping students create and execute projects that were personally meaningful? What if students learned to execute projects, including all steps, from ideas to creation? This is not about perfection, it is about trying to build things that have purpose to the student. These things would require multiple disciplines and the teachers would serve as guides and mentors to walk students through the disciplines as well as managing the projects. There are no grades because it is not about compliance. There are self evaluations and evaluation meetings with mentors.Teacher coworking- Creating a coworking space for teachers who are NOT employed by schools but still want to teach, they teach homeschool classes, unschool, etc their way, for their pay. New paradigm based on the idea that teachers are artists and should be empowered to develop their craft rather than depend on following curriculum designed by big business. Teachers are seen and treated as professionals. What if there was a place where teachers could work together, inspire each other, support each other. What if teacher could develop their craft, set their own goals, build their own microbusinesses? What if there was a place where people could bring their kids, choose their classes, choose their teachers, do projects that are meaningful to the kids? What if teachers were trained to, rather than follow the curriculum prescription, they were trained to develop their strengths as teachers? What if teachers choose what classes to teach based on their passions and expertise? What if teachers made their own schedules? What if parents and teachers were empowered to collaborate in building the most engaging courses possible, as partners? What is these teachers were “freelance” teachers? It’s a new way to approach education. What if there were various classroom configurations and sizes that teachers could use to plan their expeditions with all materials you could possibly need?Education coach training - Teach people to become education coaches. Educational coaching is a brand new field that helps struggling students who don’t fit into the proverbial box, navigate the outdated system effectively. It holistically helps with advocacy, executive function issues, social issues, emotional issues, academics, study skills, etc..Gap life - A business that guides kids through how to have life-changing gap years. Many kids are not ready for college but go straight after high school. An increasing number of kids are following Europe’s lead and taking gap years, years where they can have other experiences working, traveling, serving, etc.. This business would help families map out and execute safe and enriching experiences tailored to an individual’s strengths, interests, talents, values and passions.Festival - So many people want to reform education. I’m not speaking about the corporate reformers! Noooooo, I mean other people who are itching to see change. What if there was an Educatio disrupt festival with bands, celebrities with learning disabilities, celebrating strengths, talents, and other things that aren't measured on tests??? What if it was constructed so that changemakers were speakers, if it was fun, if it empowered people to collaborate on small and large projects they could take back to their communities or on a bigger level? What if smaller changemakers came together to make NOISE so we can get education moving in a better direction much sooner!Student advocacy business - A problem I see all the time is that parents and their kids often do not have the tools or knowhow to advocate effectively. This business would consist of a few advocates who help families advocate in any and all ways necessary. They would help students learn to self-advocate. They would help parents know how to advocate by phone, email and in-person. They would advocate by supporting parents in the 4 main types of meetings; 504, IEP, RTI and conferences. They would help parents understand their rights and help them know when legal intervention is needed.A different type of service project - What if every school in developed countries had sibling schools or sibling projects. WHat if these were service based relationships? WHat if both sibling schools asked the other what they need and each year these communities tried to create something the other needed? What would these experiences do to help kids feel a part of a global community? How would these experiences of service influence how students think about the world? It’s not about the project, it’s about the process.Build your own curriculum app for homeschoolers- that starts with what you want to learn and helps you implement it. Many homeschoolers don’t have the experience to develop curriculum creatively or to know if they are covering all the bases. This would have questions the user would answer in relation to topics of study and it would build for them a framework they can adapt to their situation with - A premium, highly regulated social networking site that is 100% safe for kids. Extensive application process, fee based, geared towards dif ages, etc.. So parents KNOW their kids are safe online. This idea can be applied to a Kidsafe browser - premium browser managed by the company to guarantee kidsafe browsing. Eliminates the need for blockers and such. Could also be a Kidsafe laptop or phone.Executive function app: Executive function is the single most important concept for parents and teachers to understand if they are to help outside-the-box learners who are not meeting “potential”. Unfortunately, the literature on EF is not in layman's terms and people who think they understand it do not. What if there was an app with an assessment that then explained your EF style and things you could do to develop it? Game changer.Yoga coworking - A coworking space for yoga teachers (and the like) to mastermind, help each other grow as entrepreneurs, etc.. They could rent various sizes of spaces so they can create programming that they profit from. This empowers the little guy. It helps them learn the biz of yoga - Teaching yoga teachers how to be entrepreneurs so they aren’t slaves to the imbalanced system that keeps them poor.Build a guitar kit - Many guitarists come to a point where they want to take a stab at building a guitar. There are many ways to do this, there are companies that sell the individual parts, there are luthiers you can learn from, but after 25 years of playing, I have never seen a kit that walks a person through the entire process of building their own guitars.Flat rate airline - What if there was an airline that had flat rates? What if you went to their website and knew exactly how much it costs for various aspects of the service? No manipulating prices, no games, just honest and clarity regarding pricing.Bike microchip - Bike theft is a huge issue in many areas. A bike microchip could help locate stolen or lost bikes. The microchip could go down the frame and could be adhered permSmart camera - Many people want to become “real” photographers. In other words, they want to learn to use the manual settings on a camera. You can take classes and such, but what if there was a real dslr camera that taught you how to use the manual settings, that walked you through it step by step, shot by shot. You could use the guidance or just shoot, but the camera is designed to give you the knowledge necessary to master these powerful tools.A new take on healthcare - Huge problems with the healthcare system, what’s the solution? Perhaps a biz that vets indie health and wellness providers to insurance companies.Cancer advocates - A small company who seeks to to deal with the red tape that cancer patients deal with. They would do the research on the difficult questions, talk to the doctors, provide the client with an UNBIASED person on the side of the patient to help navigate a scary and confusing medical and insurance world.Homeless camp - Many of the homeless choose the lifestyle. The police are constantly looking for their “camps” and forcing them to “move on.” They don’t have anywhere to move on to. What if there was a “camp” that was designated as a safe place, a community area that supported the homeless? - We put the FUN in Funeral. For people who want to design their own funeral, particularly as a celebration of their lives. This would be a company who empowers the dying to design their ideal funeral in a celebratory manner, based on their wishes and values. Of course there would be support for people to go through their own grief process in a healthy manner. This does not in any way seek to make fun of or make light of the real need for healthy processing of grief.  But the point is that it breaks the status quo and allows people to choose a ceremony that is personally meaningful.Marijuana dependency help - I live in Colorado, and as the marijuana legalization is changing the business landscape, more and more people are experiencing difficulties with Marijuana dependency. More people are wanting help with these issues, and as the marijuana industry grows, it’s likely that the need for help with these issues will grow as well.Prison inmate support - What if there was a company who empowered inmates to contribute to a book that goes to prisons and gives inmates an option to send their thoughts to other parts in the world. What if Ex-cons who turned it around were paid to go back into the prisons and teach inmates how to make it back in the world?Custom in-ear headphones - Headphones often come with a few sizes of the rubber pieces that are inserted in the ear, and none of them ever seem to fit right. What if you could take a cast of your ear safely, ship it to the company and they made custom noise cancelling headphones for your ear!Lyme Disease Network - Lyme disease is a quickly growing problem, particularly in the Northeast. No longer can you get a tick without worrying if it carried Lyme. This disease has profound effects on the people who have it, from aches and pains to a debilitating lack of energy. Unfortunately, the word is spreading slowly for various reasons. This business would be a social networking site that educated and connected. THere would be a section with major articles, links to specialists, and other needed resources in one place.Sober nightclub - What if there was a clean and sober nightclub with music, comedy, entertainment for people who do not want to be around all the alcohol and drugs?Rugged Camp- A choose your own adventure experience

Resources-Big Company Resources.

This is a camp for doing burly, rugged things. You’ll need to grab an ax and run out to the forest and chop down a tree that you haul back to the cabin. You’ll learn how to hunt, and shoot better than ever with our professional training program. You’ll also get to be apart of several high adrenaline gravity sports such as; Rock climbing, mountain climbing, ropes courses, and cliff jumps. This is a company that provides a unique custom tailored value that caters to only the bravest, and adventurous customer segments. It will involve partnerships with companies that have access to this land as well as partnerships with outdoor gear and training companies. Unlike most baby’s first adult “Adventure” camps, this camp is only for people who take calculated risks and aren’t afraid of working hard for a thrill. The choo

Anti-Topple Children’s Restaurant Seat-Business Resources - Venture CapitalistsThis is a high chair design based on the weebles toy you have as a kid. It features a patented design that keeps the kid up right no matter how much they rock around. The chair could be pushed down to the floor with a kid in it, and if you let go it will rock back to an upright position. It would be a nice change of scenery and appeal to restaurants looking for a quirkier way of offering a seat for kids. It could also appeal to parents looking for a booster around their table.High Quality Steady Cam setup for independent films-Business Resources- Venture CapitalistsThis is a camera that allows anyone to make a steady beautiful movie with an extremely good resolution, and all for a starting price of $199. Our value offerings would also include really high quality microphones and different filters, and editing suites and effects. The goal of this product is to make it even easier to produce high quality videos for YouTubeTrippy Visuals and EDM music all rolled into one site-Business Resources- Venture CapitalistsAn easy to access website to go to during parties that displays trippy visuals, sound bytes, image collections, etc. It would be monetized by letting artists sponsor the current song that is being played, and also displaying a easy to pull up playlist that lets you save the songs for later. No login required as long as they access it with a browser that caches the info. This would likely be used at parties with drunk people and needs to be simple to succeed.Hooters Gym - People that never went to a gym in their life, now have a reason to go, or maybe two reasons. Sexy motivational trainers that dress “appropriately” for the environment will motivate people to push themselves harder than ever before. It’s going to get sweaty. This is a subscription based revenue model with additional possibilities for a built in juicebar and weekly class options. The target demographic might be people that are just interested in the sex appeal of the gym, or they might just like it because of it’s awesome, well laid out, clean environment.Fire Code Preparation- This company would inspect new developments prior to any fire code inspection. They would ensure that all bases are covered and addressed so that they will not have to worry about missing any deadlines after inspection.Charitable Arcade with sponsorships for each machine. - An old fashioned arcade with renovated machines that allow for newer forms of payment. Each machine would be sponsored by a charity and would receive a percentage of all funds that come through its slots. There would also be a social media plugin that would allow you to tell people on your various social networks that you donated. You can also get special matching options that will double or triple the money that goes to the charity. This involves a minimum investment based on how well the charities receive the idea. In an urban area, this has the potential to generate plenty of revenue for the charities as well as the non-profit itselfComputer consultant that builds the course around your needs- Computer classes teach you things that are often irrelevant to how you personally use the computer. Our consultants review the average things that you do on your computer, and teach you how to do them better. These tips then get sent to you, and you are quizzed a month later by showing that you can adequately use the techniques.A box of discussion cards to ask a small group of people at a dinner party- It just takes one person in a community to spark a new revolution of people who are honest with themselves, and push themselves as a community to become better people. This product is a small box of cards that you would present during a dinner party among friends that present valuable philosophical ice breakers that delve into the hearts of the people around the table. People could answer the questions, then get involved in the online community who are also asking the questions. We would build the questions by presenting some of today’s philosophers with a list of items the question must satisfy. Ex- “What is it for” - Seth Godin. This would involve a partnership with a card manufacturing company, and a few pseudo-well-known thinkers. The resulting revenue stream would be the money made from the deck sales minus the delivery method and  product wholesale costs.Community driven Green house Grocery store. Grocery store?-Grocery store that lets you pull your produce right out of the ground. The innovative growing planters would be out in greenhouses with enough space to supply the demand, and would be loaded into special Semi-trucks that can move the produce into the city and into the growcery store. This would have to be in an urban environment near farmland in order to be able to restock.Biodegradeble office supply company- For the company that wants to go truly green, this company would be the Sprouts or Whole Foods market of office supply stores. High quality staplers, pens, pencils, ink toner, paper, and more. Everything that we sell could be composted in only a few months. On top of all of that, customers would have a portion of their purchase donated to projects that are helping develop sustainable living solutions for people on earth.Bouncy Chair Office store - Office supply store that sells ergonomic office solutions. Standing desks, Stay balls, and other stay fit solutions that will help people get more than work done on projects at their company.Monthly Online Meal Subscription- Parents that want to ensure that most of the meals they serve their kids in a week are healthy would pay a monthly fee for a number of meals. They pay the monthly subscription and get a new box of ingredients shipped to their house. They open up their email and see a link to the recipes, videos, and any information that pertains to their specific geographic location. They could also get the grocery list and go buy the food at the store so that they are only getting the recipes. The grocery lists would show detailed layouts for each grocery store and where they can find things.Organizational Firm: Organize your life- This consultant agency declutters your life. From the way you organize your scheduling to the way you organize your desk, they are all over making sure your life is simpler and happier. This could be for a consumer or business market.Online Media Digitization Platform- Ship us your old dvd’s and VHS’s and we will convert them into media that can be viewed on our monthly subscription platform, or downloaded onto your hard drive. The VHS’s could be responsibly taken out of commision or recycled into something else. This would also be handy for home videos that customer’s want to hold onto forever.Goat Lawn Mowing Service- We scope out the property and laydown invisible fence wire. We then deliver goats to you with neck invisible fence collars that keep them from eating your neighbor's lawn. These are goats that are trained to eat in a line and eat mostly long grass. It would leave the grass with a unique “Textured” feel that they couldn’t get from a mower. Plus the company would have automatic exposure from being a “Purple cow” (or in this case “Purple goat”) idea.A Tommy Wausau “Tear me apart Lisa” Notebook with different quotes from the movie-  This is a notebook for members of the cult following revolving around “the Room”. Each notepage would look like the main character who exclaims the famous line “ You are tearing me apart lisa”.Toothbrush with a floss dispenser at the bottom- One product two services. Refillable floss containers could also be for sale. Some people may forget to floss but this built in floss dispenser will help them remember. Each toothbrush would have a unique fact about tooth decay to encourage brushing and flossing.Online Command Prompt Usage Course- Online course that presents different IT situations that you must respond to using commands from the Windows and Linux command line interface terminals. You will learn all of the main ones, but the most important thing is becoming familiar with the vast variety of options that become available when not utilizing a graphical user interface.TV Box that allows you to link a domain to a video feed of anything you want to stream- This is a small box that plugs into different display types, and allows you to stream anything that is cached from the input over the internet and into whatever you would like to display it through. It would allow you to plug in a DirectTV box and let you access it from anywhere in the world.Sand Sculpture beach festival- A festival on the beach featuring live music, artwork, and giant sand sculptures burned into glass. People could walk through the glass palaces and mazes and see how the different artists. Attendees would get to see artists work on a large scale level.Dirt destroyer. Find things you don’t want your employer to find and cover them up. This company looks over all of the infor your new employer can find, and cleans it up so your social media accounts are super clean.Party Taxi- Don’t take a lame taxi to the hotel from the airport. Choose one of the doors in the back seat and go on an adventure to a special place in the city you are visiting. You would be served alcohol and given an experience you won’t soon forget.Workflow Consultant - We analyze your workflow and let build a new strategy designed to force efficiency. Your company can’t afford to stay behind forever. Pick up the pace and hire a team of people who have gotten things done for years to help you.Camera designed to follow the instructor so that kids can watch the uploaded video when they try to do the work themselves - Kids sometimes struggle receiving all of the value from a teacher’s lecture. These cameras would be positioned in the back of the room and used to collect lectures before uploading them to a portion of the site available to each kid via the site.YVES Ideas: Trivia Site that oriented towards a company’s specific insider knowledge (products, history, procedures). Unlike broad-based trivia sites this targets a lot of customers with a niche need: sales training (a large market) with a specific internal community-oriented multiple choice answer set of questions on the customer’s products, people, policies, history, in a “it’s all about us” format in essence training as a game. Revenue is package sold, with add-on revenue for question load, duplication elimination service, and even content providing. KP = quote, trivia, encyclopedia sites, KA = CRM of company customers + question generation + data management , KR = Sales department + computing services , VP = Improve the quality of the intellectual corporate resources , CR = one-to-one , CH = online + trade show contact , CSeg = community and automated services to drive queries to personalized assistance , CStr = subscription possibly per user , RS = There are enough product features to charge for such as question development and also expansion of a sub-section of non-proprietary data to customers as part of a Community Creation plan for the customer..Skinglow: Website that accesses the high resolution of the camera to determine skin health for makeup choices and maintenance. Specific camera image processing to take a health snapshot of skin from different parts of the body in a content comparison. Revenue one time sale with an expert consultation add-on service. VP is health. KP = Skincare products , KA = Health & Beauty , KR = Medical imaging technology, gross histology, skin specialists, optical diagnosis. VP = Everyone wants to look better, CR = automated with one-on-one for additional $ , CH = Online + KP referrals , CSeg = endorsed customer growth & repeat use , CStr = subscription fee or three usage fees equal to a month on trail , RS = The KP should pay as will the individual users.Possessions site that allows people to list all their possessions and quantify the cost for everything for sale with plug-ins to eBay, Craigslist, etc. KP = None, KA = Passive data upload , KR = Computer data management , VP = Allows people that want to live minimally or who are moving and want to sell everything to do so , CR = automated , CH = online + PR , CSeg = Huge renewing market of people moving and selling things , CStr = computing services + some staff , RS = fee,  subscription, & small % of items Puts your cellar up for sale allowing you to build it yet tap into the value equity over time. KP = Wineries and wine distribution companies + some government bodies + online wine partners + wine magazine + delivery partner , KA = identifying wines, wine market prices, executing sales online , KR = online resources , VP = Allows people the freedom of valuing and tapping into the equity of their wine cellar, CR = Community build for sure because wine is emotional , CH = online but physical transport means that transport partners needed. , CSeg = Wine cellar owners, collectors, wine stores, CStr = computing and wine specialist staff , RS = Subscription + small % sales and possibly storage of Pantry items, home-made jams offered for sale of a casual or prebusiness basis including recipes for the highest demand. Shops could, for example, buy locally made jams in small batches in essence tapping into the local long tail. Crowdsource the stores asking for a particular product that would steer producers to products in demand. KP = Independant incubator kitchens, cooking schools, caterers , KA = providing a market for small batches of homemade products. , KR = computing , VP = local production , CR = Community-based , CH = retail , CSeg = home food preparers  , CStr = insurance + computing =  , RS = fees _ small % of sale App that scans previous or old boarding passes to document your trip history and map out with also a (pay) cost module hooking into the calandar. KP = Airlines and travel companies , KA = reading passive data , KR = online + phone camera , VP = organizes personal data and provides travel data, CR = Community , CH = online , CSeg = travelers, retirees , CStr = computing structure , RS = information to You load in your pictures from childhood up till today and the App creates photos of how you would look in the future (up to 100) health enhanced of course with an option of hair colour (pay for clothing style changes and tatoo additions) Bring them back when they put in a return date in the future to compare. KP = Health and Beauty industries , KA = reading passive photos and executing age regression software, KR = Camera photo , VP = People can see themselves , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd & kids, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue from the ad revenue.University degree calculator: Tracks pay grades for an assortment of degrees dynamically in the region and other regions without the chatter of job ads. Strictly a dynamic salary reality tool. time periods and statistical pay levels for different degrees by geography. KA = data entered and executing spreadsheet response, KR = Camera photo , VP = People can see themselves , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 17 - 27 crowd & kids, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.Meditation buddy which measures your heart rate to maximize meditation health results. KP = Health, New Age organizations, Yoga organizations, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera photo , VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd & yoga new age hipsters, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.Packing buddy: generates lists of things to pack depending on where you go and trip types including packing optimization and airline baggage rules. KP = Airlines and travel organizations, KA = reading passive photos and executing list generation, KR = Camera photo , VP = People can organize themselves , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = travellers of all ages, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue, affiliate income.Grow-Op buddy: Provides plans from assorted you in apartment herb growing schedule including light, water, and ideal nutrient mix. Updatable geographic feature would indicate if you have to hide the grow-op or do it in the open. Has larger scale support for hobbyists that want to expand production. Delivery of finished plants from local nurseries. Counter competition by setting health standards for the plants. KP = Herb enthusiasts, Health, New Age organizations, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera photo , VP = recreational & drug benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 20 + crowd, hipsters, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.Landscaping landmine game: blow up gophers, homeowners, dogs, gardeners, burglars, postmen, local kids, pool boys, etc in this phone app game. KP = Gardening organizations and pest control, KA = Game structures, KR = Camera photo , VP = recreation, CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = all ages, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.WriteBuddy: A supported writer’s buddy: A program the writer subscribes to or is subscribed to by the publisher. Provides quotes and motivation while keeping track of production as well as a series of lectures about writing for long tail markets, digital printing or to-demand printing. KP = writers publishers, KA = reading passive data with data entry and email regular information, KR = Camera photo , VP = writer’s block banishment , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = bloggers, writers, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.PestIDGone: Pest identification pre-elimination: Geographic load to identify pests and recommend solutions cockroaches, spiders, etc including warnings and biological alternatives. KP = Pest Control companies, health departments government, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera photo , VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue from pest control companies.Decision tree App module for the frustrated project manager or “guy with a big project” designed to break down your goal into a thousand steps along with timelines. KP = News organizations, KA = GUI to generate decision trees, spreadsheet responses, KR = App front end, VP = business benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.recipe ingredient generator: allows you to pick what you are going to make and generates an ingredient list to shop for with the ability to exclude items you know you have home. KP = Food Stores chains or food distribution company like even the Food Network, KA = record-keeping of recipes uploading recipes, KR = App with recipes base uploadable ingredient list with Camera photo , VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = over 20, CStr = software costs, RS = KP fees + subscription and ad revenue.birdwatching: don’t know anything about birds but a weird bird landed on the park bench? snap a picture and the app tells you the species, dates the sighting, and puts it in your birdwatcher’s log. KP = Audubon, Parks services, nature clubs, KA = App with photo and photo identification for all birds, KR = Expert on ornithology + Camera identification, VP = Recreation, CR = automated with value added one on one , CH = online direct, CSeg = birdwatchers and curious nature walkers, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.Genetic trait app: enter in information about your parents and grandparents to create likely traits in offspring.using knowledge about recessives and dominant genes. KP = Health medical genetic company's, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera photo + App data entry , VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd, CStr = software costs + xpert genetics consult, RS = subscription and ad  This maps local parks and allows you to better plan and explore local parks. KP = Parks and recreation organizations, KA = Google maps plus special downloads of thousands of hiking trails, KR = MAPS + Camera photo , VP = Health benefit and recreation, CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 15 and older, CStr = software costs + data entry costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.makeyourowncomic allows you to storyboard your idea. Pay for tools and online courses in comic drawing. KP = Artists league & comic makers, KA = sophisticated comic drawing tool, KR = Specialty software & Camera photo , VP = income producing from artistic talent., CR = drawing communities by type (anime, classic, and yes, less socially acceptable drawing art) and one-to-one though there could be some automation , CH = online direct, CSeg = artistic element, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad revenue.pastamaker: takes the mystique out of pasta with video and instructions oriented to the age of the person. Kids for kids, hipsters for hipsters, and ancient fossils for older people :) KP = Food channel and cooking schools, KA = build library of specific pasta making, plating, the sauces, etc is what is done, KR = Camera for video photo , VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 10 and up, CStr = software costs, RS = fee, endorsement, subscription and ad revenue.iamnotdepressed: excessively cheerful quotations and phone calls to lift your spirits. KP = Health, New Age organizations, Yoga organizations, motivational organizations, KA = email info, videos, information and executing some spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera and video, VP = Health benefit also entertainment, CR = automated , CH = online direct PR news, CSeg = 25 and up, CStr = software costs, content costs, psychologists on consult, RS = subscription and ad App that catelogs thrift store finds ato discover value in stores (clothing brands, pottery w photos, metal, with youtube input like from thriftfinder. KP = Specialty tv segments on thrift stores, Salvation Army, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = Camera photo but also video feeds, VP = home business support , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 30 - 40 crowd & yoga new age hipsters, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad A complete app selling beads including auction plug in for necklaces and individual preferences + videos history of neclaces, news about neclaces, famous necklaces. KP = Jewelry manufactures, collectors, women, KA = reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses also some community posting of videos, KR = Camera photos and video , VP = home business , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = women 20+ and collectors, CStr = software costs, RS = subscription and ad maps hikes (one day, two day, three day) geographically in the area using google maps. Open source with Tripadvisor status and maybe Yelp. Packing guide, scenic points. KP = Health, New Age organizations, hiking organizations, Sierra Club, KA = Google MAPS along with reading passive data with data entry and executing spreadsheet responses, KR = MAPS data and data entered on hiking trails, VP = Health benefit , CR = automated , CH = online direct, CSeg = 17 +, CStr = software costs + data entry costs + research for hiking trails, RS = subscription and ad Builds personal content about comedy by your taste along with abilty to load content. Humorous video per day option and pay for small content from amateur comedians around the world allowing you to rank them. KP = Comedy Clubs, Comedy Channel, KA = Videos set up from multiple areas with lighting issues and content copyright to settle. KR = Videos and relationships with comedians around the world to build. VP = business entertainment, CR = personalized, CH = online direct also on a separate video feed channel, CSeg = 25+, CStr = software costs revenue feeds to comedians supplying material, RS = subscription, group subscriptions, and ad revenue


Idea # 81Author: MarcusBusiness Idea: A Fan Focused Mobile Marketing Agency providing app development, direct-to-fan consulting and execution, project management, and design for record labels, film studios and festivals.Available Resources:We have a software Developer, Data Scientists, and a graphic designer on the teamWe’re in the early stages of development for a pilotThis will be a Bootstrapped projectMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?Labels are struggling to increase revenues amid a shift towards streaming.  This app would be focused on musical history and the culture it helped shape. For each story, users get opportunities to comment, post their own related photos through social networks, and post video commentary.And for whom?The fans of the artist’ on the label.Historic significanceHow?Interactive Mobile AppHow do we make money?App Development feesBilled monthlyCreating new advertising opportunities on the site which added value for both users and brandsIdea # 3Author: MarcusBusiness Idea

The Monster Cruise Halloween Sweepstakes is an agency contracted project that

will align the Monster Energy brand with a $7billion dollar a year industry.

Available ResourcesA partnership with cruise organizers Sixthman Cruises, 81 full ship chartersAn exclusive partnership with America Haunts, 2,000,000 visitors a yearAccess to haunt ticketing data for marketing purposesAlignment with established band partnerships through MonsterMicro Business PlanWhat problem are we solving? These events attract over 2,000,000 visitors within a 45 day period, but fail to   attract major corporate sponsorships.Long lines and inefficient crowd controlMissed opportunities for additional revenue streamsThe Cost per acquisition is very high compared to other industries.Lack of engaging and compelling storytelling as part of the Haunts overall marketing strategy.And for whom?Fans of the bands, Halloween, Horror Films, and Extreme SportsHow?I have a direct personal relationship with a musician who is sponsored by MonsterI had a friend custom flake-paint a skateboard with the Monster logoHow do we make money?App development and serviceConsulting FeesData analytics and metricsBooking and tour managementAdvertising / media spendDigital marketingIdea # 81Author: MarcusFilmdini - A platform that uses big data, crm, and predictive analytics to creates a report with a detailed marketing strategy, distribution channels, and estimated value of an independent filmAvailable Resources:Proprietary consumer transaction and viewing history data from Redbox and NetflixCode : A fully developed framework has already been createdThe datasets are available for the APIThe data scientist on our team have already been testing a series of algorithmsMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?Video streaming services and distributors are apparently having difficulties bidding on content with confidence. The data is available, but determing value has been a very big challenge.Independent filmmakers don’t have reliable distribution channels and this platform would open those channels through partnershipsAnd for whom?StudiosStreaming servicesIndependent filmmakersfilm festivalsdistributorsHow?VC fundingHow do we make money?Software Development feesEquity stakeMonthly billing and service chargesCross selling opportunitiesIdea # 81Author: MarcusAcrossTheUniverse.TV - The Netflix of travel sites. According to a recent study Google conducted with Ipsos MediaCT, two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they'€™re thinking about taking a trip.Available Resources:A network of freelance FilmmakersPotential Partnership opportunity with several tour operators, Luxury, and adventure travel agenciesVideo content exist, but isn’t the focus of their marketing effortsWe own the domainMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?A lack of a central location where high end travel consumers can view quality videoAnd for whom?Luxury TravelersAdventure TravelHoneymoonersHuntinng tripsCorporate Golf outingsHow?VC fundingHow do we make money?Software Development feesVideo ProductionCost per transactionIdea # 81Author: MarcusPatronLink - big data platform turns patron data into actionable insight to build audience capacity by precisely targeting patrons with the most relevant message, at the right timeAvailable Resources:Proprietary 250 million-line database captures over 400 different behavioral attributes and contains 101 predictive modeldata scientists with many years of experience predicting patron-purchasing behaviorsMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?There is a need in the industry for a cost effective way to determine the demographics and behavior patterns of arts patronsIt’s expensive and time consuming to manually cleanse, blend, and model patron dataMost Performing Arts Center lack the financial resources to purchase lists and send mailers for the purpose of patron aquisition. This platform cuts the costs of buying lists significantlyAnd for whom?Broadway ProducersPerforming Arts CentersMuseumsTicketing software solutionsHow?VC fundingHow do we make money?Software Development feesEquity stakeMonthly billing and service chargesCross selling opportunitiesList fulfillmentWhite label opportunities  Business Idea : Secret Stages - A music discovery festival that is occurring in Downtown Birmingham this Summer.Available Resources:Clearance to book bands and sell tickets to 6 small music venuesPartnerships with the filmmaking community to capture contentcorporate sponsorshipsupport from the cityA very well respected talent buyerA dedicated and loyal street teamMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?The model is similar to SXSW but with DIY mentalityMany of the attendees of last years SXSW complaining it’s losing the spirit the festival was created withThis opens an opportunity for Birmingham to attract the customer segment that misses the old SXSWAnd for whom?Music Lovers looking to discover the next music.Bands interested in in meeting industry professionals such as publicists, lawyers, A&R, and producers.Mostly Young professionals and hipstersHow?Corporate SponsorshipTicket SalesEquity InvestorHow do we make money?The impact of SXSW 2014 on the city of Austin's economy was revealed this week, following a study commissioned by the festival by Greyhill Advisors, to be a staggering $315 million, nearly $100 million more than the previous year.  Business Idea :The Prison Book Project : The goal of this project is to help expose inmates to their inherent connection with the rest of humanity--to bring hope, inspiration, and wisdom to a population who so badly need it. For those living outside of prison walls, this project is an opportunity to get a glimpse into the minds and hearts of those cast aside by our society, those deemed unworthy of giving and receiving love--that which every single human being so intensely yearns for and the only thing that liberates us from both literal and figurative bondage.The first phase of the project is a  collection of interviews with people who have seen themselves at their worst, who have been able to turn their darkness into light, who have overcome inner or outer adversity. To create a global cultural and historic context for these confessions, the interviews will be woven between some of the world’s most poignant wisdom on the subject of the human condition and the purpose of a human life. The book will be filled with illustrations by tattoo and graffiti artists, genres of art often dismissed by our culture as vulgar, rather than the modern masterpieces they often are. For every copy sold, another copy will be donated to a prisoner.Available Resources:Grant opportunitiesWe approached a prison in Arizona and South Carolina who have creative writing programs for their prisoners.We were able to connect with psychotherapist Jenny Phillips begins intensive meditation retreats for inmates at a maximum-security prison in rural Alabama.Micro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?The time criminals spend behind bars could be used to train them the skills and positive living habits necessary for them to make a positive contribution to society, yet unfortunately they are   have  is a severly under-acknowledgingOur hope is that the first book will aide in creating an environment in prison culture where inmates have the freedom for contemplation, and artistic expression. The book will include an invitation for prisoners to respond--to and write about what they have learned about themselves during their period of incarceration, about challenges of life on the inside, about their journey of personal growth and self-discovery, about their hopes for the future. The second phase of the project is another book--a compilation of these responses, similarly placed in a cultural and historical context and illustrated by tattoo and graffiti artists. pression, and supportive dialogue with one another about their process of personal growth and discovery.And for whom?Readers who want to be inspiredFor those living outside of prison walls, this project is an opportunity to get a glimpse into the minds and hearts of those cast aside by our society,How?We found a local artisan who creates handmade books and replaces the pages with blank sheets. We can ask him to create a series of 5-10 blank paged books that we can send to the contributors with instructions for sending them to the next author or artists. The books contents will be transferred into a single book, and we can use the handmade books for a crowd-fundng project.How do we make money?When the prisoners are released we have a online course created in the same fashion  as this course. We will create an online community of mentors and access to resources.  The prisoners will be given the tools necessary to find a job and find stability. A success story will allow us to create programs like this at every prison that will authorize it.  Business Idea : Figure2 Artist Management was created in order to bring attention to the thriving Birmingham music community. Available Resources:10 artist under contractA recording studioindependent distributionGraphic designersAccess to lists of industry contactsMicro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?The Birmingham community lacks proper representation and opportunitiesThere is a need for genuine music produced from the heartAnd for whom? fans of

Hip hop

Indie Rock



How?I am relocating to LA next month and have connections that can get me introduced to the proper resourcesHow do we make money? I have a 20% management contract with the artistsTouring RevenuePublishingStreaming AudioSponsorshipEndorsementsMerchandising  Business Idea :

 Micro Business Plan:What problem are we solving?How?We found a local artisan who creates handmade books and replaces the pages with blank sheets. We can ask him to create a series of 5-10 blank paged books that we can send to the contributors with instructions for sending them to the next author or artists. The books contents will be transferred into a single book, and we can use the handmade books for a crowd-fundng project.How do we make money?When the prisoners are released we have a online course created in the same fashion  as this course. We will create an online community of mentors and access to resources.  The prisoners will be given the tools necessary to find a job and find stability. A success story will allow us to create programs like this at every prison that will authorize it.Workplay - A music venue / recording studio / Radio station / Creative Agency / Online Digital magazine. The acts that perform at the venue are the source of the content for the online magazine.Sweet Science Radio - Streaming radio curated specifically for music festivals that will engage past attendees throughout the year. Featuring performances, interviews, and hosted programming collected over the festival's history. The program could also be used for a platform to engage the listeners to become more involved in the curation process.Made In The Magic City- A short documentary series highlighting interesting people, inspiring stories, independent businesses, and events happening in the Birmingham community that can show the growth and evolution of our city.  A visual alternative paper bringing attention to vibrancy of the city. Shown at the local hotels, online, and on public access stations.Mobile Record Label - A new model for the music industry. The app….will be updated on regularly with new content from current artists, and classic content from the labels archives.Custom Phones/Tablet for Incoming College Students - A mobile phone and tablet are outfitted with a suite of exclusive apps built specifically for universities and college students. It will have their textbooks already uploaded, a social network solely for students and teachers to interact, they could schedule zoom meetings with their teachers, watch lectures, find their classmates, collaborate and share their experiences.16. - A subscription-based business model developed so local artists can “rent” their artwork to subscribers creating a consistent revenue stream for the artist and mitigating the fear people tend to associate with purchasing artwork in a public setting.Where ? We start an artist co-op started in an underserved community where property values are low, but the potential is high for revitalization.The create their art wherever they like. In a communal area that is adjoining a gallery, at home, . The work can be displayed for the public in the gallery... a local restaurant, anywhere art can be displayed and easily removed. Patron’s can pay a subscription costs of $25 per piece, per month, with a recurring monthly subscription. The gallery could also present an option for a year long contract commitment at a discounted price. Anytime a buyer wants to exchange his current piece for a new one, they simply visit the gallery and exchange it. If they keep it past a certain time, (based on appraised value) it then becomes their painting. Think Redbox.The customer segments include local restaurants and businesses that need to decorate their businesses, real estate agents needing to stage a home, interior designers,  individual collectors / buyers, and corporate donors. The pieces can also be purchased online through a website and mobile app. Patron’s can be encouraged to gift subscriptions and commission pieces.What problem does this model solve ? Generally, everyone enjoys art. For the most part...everyone loves to have it around, they go to where it is being displayed, but they rarely , in a public setting, commit to the purchasing it. This model would help mitigate the perceived risks of the purchase, and it would keep artist in the area producing new work, and most importantly...sustaining their careers.A portion of the space can be transformed into artists lofts, and then rented by by the artist for a very a small monthly or weekly fee. .A portion of the money collected can be allotted for the wholesale purchase of materials, and then re-sold to the artist in the gallery at just above costs. It shouldn’t be any problem enticing 1000 people out of a city of 1,000,000, to subscribe to this cause. This would generate $25,000 in guaranteed revenue per month. Communities need artist, and artist need money to survive. This model could be replicated in cities all over the country.Broadway Rendition of Where the Wild Things AreTourdini - A big data platform for touring musicians that would use anonymous data gathered from streaming music services, box office ticket numbers from venues, and merchandise sales numbers to predict tour revenue and merchandise sales. The platform could also become a hub for reviewing their experiences on the road. Then bands would know which media marketing outlets target.Industry / Organization Specific Apps / Custom SmartphoneAR Museum and Site-Seeing Tour GuideOne Plus - Rush PartyAR Travel AgentHey JudeConnected Tour Buses / Mobile Recording StudioRecord Store // Dispensary

Yves Ideas:

KP = , KA = , KR = , VP = , CR = , CH = , CSeg = , CStr = , RS = . is the short form of the Business Model Canvas I will use. KP = Key Partners, KA = Key Activities, KR = Key Resources, VP = Value Proposition, CR = Customer Relationships, CH = Channels, CSeg = Customer Segments, CStr = Cost Structure, & RS = Revenue Streams. The idea is to get used to thinking in a structured manner AFTER putting quantity forward as the objective for ideas.