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Book Review: The Virgin Way, Everything I know about leadership

Thu Jul 16 2015


The Virgin Way- Book Review

The Virgin Way

Before I read this book for the review, I honestly didn't know anything about Richard Branson or the Virgin companies. I had heard about a few of their products but never been a customer myself. I think this is mainly due to the fact that they are mostly located in Europe, but I may just be completely out of their target demographic.

Books that talk about the brand tend to feel like a sales pitch, and I think this one definitely had a bit of that going on. That said, I think the book is great for inspiration and offers a myriad of concepts both familiar and new worth taking into consideration.





Action Items

(3 action items you can take from the main sections in his book)

ListeningUse notepads while you are listening to people talk about anythingAsk for feedback on ideas from your friends and families before you leapActively seek customer feedback instead of waiting for it to come in via other vehiclesLearningBumble bees fly in practice but not in theory- Try something people say should be impossibleLuck is preparation meeting opportunity - Add "Will be prepared for exciting opportunities" to your pros list on learning new things.Try being a Yes Man.LaughAsk the person in your next meeting to tell you a joke- especially if you don't know them wellImplement five new things that will brighten the days of people in your team.Spend 10 extra hours each week, just with your family. The first blockades that pop into your mind when you consider spending more time with your family are either things that no one else can do, or things that can be delegated. Spend 30 minutes and figure out who on your team could take on some of the things keeping you from your family.LeadMeet with someone who is outside of your division, or works on different things than you.Make a decision. Stop estimating and start doingFinish something