Another sleepless night.

It is at my wits end that I bring this exclusive two-paragraph glance into my life to you, nameless reader. I shut my eyes by the dead stench of unfinished projects, unmet deadlines, and disappointment keep me from landing in Nod. Ambitious, my interests ride great stallions diverging from my center going everywhere while leaving me nowhere. Nowhere. Now here, to stay. My limbs pulled from their sockets hanging by a thread of flesh before they depart into the blackness of the unknown. My torso met with the warm embrace of mediocrity as it smashes into the ground.

This site remains unfinished as do many of the things I’m working on. It’s not just unfinished in the sense that all work is unfinished, but rather the captain jumped ship before they made it to the promise land. What am I anymore? A designer? A developer? A technician? A photographer? A filmmaker? A musician? I’m tired of being pretty good at severalĀ things. I’d like to be the best at one thing. Focus, is still the thing that I crave above all else, and it seems as long as I’m breathing, I will not have it.

Till the next time I have to wake up extra early in the morning and can’t sleep,

Captain Ahab (or maybe Don Quixote)