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Another Day

Sun Aug 28 2016

Feeling better today with getting more into the swing of not constantly looking at media all day. I'm interested to see what this will do on my work week.

Yesterday I thought about the importance of routine. I'd like to make part of my daily blog a report on exactly how that routine works.

Proposed routine

  • 4:45am - Rise and shine, make the bed, drink Water
  • 5am - Run for 15 minutes, upper body work out for 10 minutes. Cool down walk for 5 minutes
  • 5:30am - Read the bible/pray
  • 5:45am - Cold Shower
  • 6 am - Day plan blocks for the day. These blocks must result in something that someone ineteracts with.
  • 6:45am - Start breakfast
  • 7:15am - get Dani up
  • 7:45am - eat breakfast
  • 8:15am - Check email and get to Inbox 0
  • 8:45am - Get everything together, take Dani to work.
  • 9:15am - arrive at coffee shop/Start Block 1
  • 10:15am - Start Block 2
  • 11:15am - Start Block 3
  • 12:15pm- Head home for lunch
  • 12:45pm- Head back to work
  • 1pm- Start block 4
  • 2pm- Start block 5
  • 3pm- Start block 6
  • 3:30pm - Pick Dani up
  • 4pm - Start block 7
  • 5pm- Make Dinner
  • 6:30pm - Start block 8
  • 7:30pm - Review The day's sprint
  • 8:00pm - Done with computer, switch to reading/cleaning/ anything else.
  • 9:00pm - Bedtime

In theory this should work great but things always come up so it's important to leave some blocks open until later in the day.

I'm looking into the scrum method and seeing if there is any way to implement this into my life even though I am just one individual. Went to a new church today. Great people. Might have made a few friends.