Nic Bovee

Husband, Father, and Solver of Problems.

A recap of the altMBA, and a letter to the future.

Wed Jul 15 2015

I will be starting a daily trend of posting some of my work from the altMBA.

This is to give subscribers a chance to read some things they may have missed, and an opportunity for me to recall the incredible growth that occurred over the last month.

An open letter to the next people who make the decision to join:

Dear agents of change in the altMBA,

What you are about to participate in can and will be life changing for you as long as you fight the resistance and ship religiously.

You were all drawn here for different reasons, but you are all present now because you have placed a value on taking a leap into the unknown. This will be some of your hardest work, and will propel you beyond the limitations you have hit in the past. Here are a few things too help you as you begin this journey.

Be empathetic. Look at the world through the eyes of the people you are meeting. You may not always agree with them, but you can always make an effort to understand their side of the story.

Be vulnerable. It’s difficult to do because we are all accustomed to a world stuffed with trolls who have nothing better to do than  put you down. That’s not what this environment is for. This is an ecosystem of love and creativity. It is a place for the misfits who dared to dream of something greater. Do your best to help everyone else’s dreams come true.

Jump. Take the plunge. Dare to speak up. Offer help when people need it. Be bold in your writing. Don’t be afraid to create beyond the program. Be the first. Push everything out of the way in order to ship

Be like Amazon. Ship on time. Exceed expectations. Love your people. Kindle new relationships. Fire old tendencies.END LAME PUNS

**The world is waiting to watch you plunge into the murky water and make a splash. **


-Nic Bovee